LETTERS F-Y- E-O- november 2016

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From -m

Dear Deepdene Writers & Friends:

Please email to let me know what you are working on and/or what you’ve published.  I’m in the process of writer updates.  I’ll also have an announcement or two before December.  …If you are wondering what happened with the farm party, it was postponed to next summer.


  • WRITING MATTERS: Thoughts on the third of m’s published Pavo County, Georgia, stories:  CALYX (29:2)
  • IN DEEP: Excerpts from Ann Feild, Teresa Elguezabal, Jack Guilfoyle, Mary Porter

…4 exceptional, breathtaking ways of being in water.  You’ll want to read all 4 excerpts again–each for its own voice, its own wonder–and then, again, for the soul-stirring contrasts.


Illustration by Ann Feild


From -m

Dear Deepdene Writers & Friends:

Thank you for Visiting and FOLLOWING, COMMENTING, REPLYING, LIKING–and Contributing your writing and writing news!  And for getting your friends and families involved. Since our launch, mid-February, we’ve had more than 500 visitors.

On the blog– http://www.margaretosburnwebsite.com

  • Five new books by Deepdene Writers (3 with commercial publishers!)
  • Two readings by two of our writers
  • One reprinted short story
  • Four poems by three poets
  • One writing lesson in verse
  • One excerpt from a book-length memoir in progress
  • Five micro-fictions from current workshop writers
  • One essay on Why I Write
  • One writers retreat
  • One list of books to read
  • One continuously growing list of your accomplishments (began in 2010)–projects, publications, readings, prizes, etc.

Each month I’ll continue with as many as two or three posts.  Most will be 3-minute reads (3M). If you are a Follower of this blog, you already know this…If you are not yet a Follower but are interested in staying connected–and in giving and getting support–you’ll have a little catch-up to do by the time my emails arrive:

I’ve promised not to clog up your mail boxes.

So please FOLLOW.


MICRO-READING:  excerpts from Maria Garriott, Macie Hall, Josh Pons, Bedford Bentley, and Rick Shelley.  Interact with these writers through COMMENTS & REPLIES.

6 CRITIQUE POINTS:  Todd Hebb has set my “pedagogy” to amusing verse, though I don’t remember ever mentioning “a hobo” in the 30 years I’ve shared/described these “secrets” of good writing.  Add to the flurry of COMMENTS Todd has received.

LETTERS F-Y-E-O-   Please…You need not expect anything from me in the way of timeless letters. There will be nothing I write that is remotely meant to compare to my favorites:  James Baldwin’s “Letter to My Nephew” or Martin Luther King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” My letters, FYEO (for your eyes only) will be random, loosely organized, and offer occasional writing tips and publishing trends–and other good stuff I think you’ll be interested in… And, sometimes there will be a personal note as well, such as this one:

typewriter keys oranges.pinks.goldsUPCOMING IN CALYX, FALL 2016: “The Jelly Women,” m


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  1. There is a glut of ugly in the world — xenophobic demagogues running for president, assault weapon lunacy, international conflict, rising sea levels … the usual. Your website is an island of purposeful positivity. Thank you for making it. -Elizabeth


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