TABLE OF CONTENTS: 2016 in Review

Fernanda Zopf, Hilda Perl Goodwin


THANK YOU to the FRIENDS of Deepdene Writers for your READERSHIP and EXPRESSED ENTHUSIASM, and thank you to the following Deepdene Writers who have contributed writing, photos, artwork, and news to this blog:

Joe Chamberlin, Andy Brown, Miriam Zadek, Michael Whelan, Jean-Pierre Weill,  Sylvia Fischbach Braden, Wendy Hoffman,  Macie Hall, Rick Shelley, Josh Pons, Maria Garriott, Bedford Bentley, Ann Feild, Teresa Elguezabal, Jack Guilfoyle, Mary Porter, Todd Hebb, Leight Johnson;

Richard Anderson, Harriet Dopkin, Debby Bors, Arthur Houghton, Tracie Guy Decker, David Eberhardt, Samantha Buker, Renee Boss, Maggie Master, Jessica Heriot, Jennifer Downs, Arthur Houghton, John Anderson, Jill Yesko, Constance Pohl, Nicola Payne;

Greg Scott,  Laurie (L.C.) Curtis, Molly Englund, Pat Sullivan, Karen Bennett, Lyn Kargaard , Deidre Johnson, Mari Quint, Gail Johnson, Shirley Lupton, Caroline Orser (aka Caroline Castro), Whitney Ransome, Katie  Ryan; and

Carole Langrall, Saundra Murray Nettles, Cathy Lickteig, Ed Veit, Leigh Barnes, Nechie King, Andrea Farnum, Phil Cooper,  Regina Buker, Claudia Friddell, Susan McCallum-Smith,  Jim Sizemore, and Liz Pepple.


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