2017 “Memory & Imagination” Writers Weekend Retreat

MM Leigh Photography  (Thanks for your professional photo services, Monica!!!)
2017retreatGroup Photo.jpeg
Back L/R: Natalie, Manjushree, Pamela, Deborah, Mary, Anne-Marie, Kristin, Faith, Debby, Irene.              Front L/R: Monica, Ana, Margaret, Dawnn.  

          “Memory & Imagination”  

     April 2017 Writers Weekend Retreat 



chairs over susequehana.jpeg

PortDeposit view of
Mt. Ararat, the 200-foot cliff where the Donaldson Brown mansion is located, overlooks the Susquehanna River and Port Deposit, Maryland (top right).

2017 Retreat Hospitality/Activities

THE WRITING WAS INTENSE.  The readings were intense.  The writers were inspiring.  The weather was perfect and the accommodations grand. Hospitality (Friday through Sunday) included 7 meals, 2 social hours, and 2 nights lodging (single-occupancy bedroom suites)–with 3 days of workshops, discussions, and open mic readings led by poet Mary Azrael and fiction/nonfiction writer Margaret Osburn.

James Magruder was this year’s guest writer (Love Slaves of Helen Hadley Hall, Queen’s Ferry Press, 2016; Worth Our Breath, Literary House Press, 2015; Let Me See It, University of Wisconsin Press, 2014; Sugarless, University of Wisconsin Press, 2009; and The Triumph of Love, original play produced on Broadway, 1994).  Jim, who had a career as a dramaturg and playwright–and who is, at present, working on a Broadway musical, began writing autobiographical fiction in 2002.  To learn more about this Baltimore writer, including what he does when he’s “stuck, really stuck” in a story of his own, visit: http://www.jamesmagruder.com/blog/

2017 Participant Evaluations


For details on our spring 2018 “Memory & Imagination Writers Weekend Retreat,” please visit this space in the fall. Sponsored and supported by the Odyssey Program at The Johns Hopkins University, the retreat is open to writers throughout the U.S. Participation is limited to 13 writers.  Enrollment is on a first-come, first-registered basis.  …fyi: 2017 COST, $595,  included tuition/hospitality: (with discounts for early registration and further discounts to Johns Hopkins employees). 

For interior views of the 40,000 square foot Donaldson-Brown mansion visit this post:  2016 RETREAT: “Memory & Imagination”: https://margaretosburnwebsite.com/2016/05/06/about-last-weekend-writers-retreat-2016/

doorways back of donaldson brown
View of the back of the mansion.
bigger view of 95
Highway 95 as viewed from Mt. Ararat.

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