Having just built this blog, with a template but no human help, I feel like a nine year old who has just baked her first batch of cookies!  … I’m pleased with myself and already whipping up new recipes for sharing your work.

So feel free to share this blog address with loved ones and friends:  http://www.margaretosburnwebsite.com.

True: The address has no panache.  But it’s easy enough to remember.  …I had some trouble getting a “.com” with my name (who knew there were so many of me?) and I didn’t want to go with a .net, .info, or .co., which I deemed too easily forgotten or confused (and Deepdene is too difficult to spell for the newly introduced), so I was willing, in a pinch, to go with the obvious. This may change. If it does you will be the first to know.

On this website’s Home Page, below the lowest right side image (or lower corner of the screen), you can Click to FOLLOW. If you FOLLOW this blog, you will automatically receive an email message when a new post is waiting to be read. …But, at least for a time, even if you don’t Click to FOLLOW, you are likely to get group emails from me alerting you to new posts.  If you feel mildly annoyed with this, you can Reply to my email, asking that I desist.  The only people who will receive these email alerts from me are people I know and admire…These may be writers or friends of writers–and I include that any friend of mine would be a friend of writers.

The only writers to be featured on this blog are either Deepdene workshop writers or writers who have worked “in the studio,” meaning one-on-one with me for coaching, mentoring, or editing—in person, by phone, or by email.   

At the bottoms of pages there’s opportunity to COMMENT (i.e., maybe you’d want to give a “shout-out” to each other).  And please don’t forget to click the LIKE icon.

I intend this blog to be a source of support, inspiration and encouragement and a way of keeping us connected and moving forward.  I hope you will visit again soon.

  ~ m

Featured Year One (2016)

Five PUBLISHED BOOKS by Deepdene Writers (3 with commercial publishers!)

Two readings by two of our writers

One reprinted short story

One reprinted essay

Four poems by three poets

One writing lesson in verse

One excerpt from a book-length memoir in progress

Nine “micro-fictions” from current workshop writers

One essay on Why “I” Write

Two writers retreats (2016 / 2017)

One subscription to receive 12 different lit journals

One list of books to read (2016 retreat follow-up)

One-hundred-twenty updates on your accomplishments, including films,  books, magazine and journal publications, readings, prizes, and new and ongoing writing projects


Posts will feature your writing in a variety of ways. There will be tips to complement your writing life. Events will be announced (e.g., we will have a party and reading this year to celebrate the 25th year of the Workshop and I’ll let you know as soon as possible what that date will be). 

For the standard feature: Writer Updates, please keep me posted on YOUR NEWS:  what you’re writing/working on or where/what you’ve published. If you have a cover for a published book, I’ll need a JPEG of the cover (size 2588 x 1800) and a digital photo of you (size 295 x 295, 200 dpi). If you have a reading, I’ll try to make that post in as timely a way as possible.

If you have news to contribute about trends in the writing/publishing/reading world–or short reviews, in particular, of published memoirs–or knowledge of when a big name author will be in Baltimore for a reading, etc., please send me an email.  (In such cases, timing will be everything.)

New posts as well as Writer Updates will appear without schedule.